5 Ways Headphones Help Students Learn

In today’s high-tech, information-rich learning environments, opportunities for making discoveries abound. Students today have more information at their fingertips on a given day than previous generations had throughout their entire school careers, thanks to the internet, specially-designed apps, webinars and podcasts that are geared towards school curriculum on all grade levels. However, this wealth of information does little, if anything, to help students learn if they are distracted by other factors in their environment. The use of headphones in school settings can be extremely beneficial for helping students tune out external noise and focus on their lessons. Here are five of the chief benefits of using headphones to increase students’ concentration and absorption of what they need to know to make the grade.

Increased Focus
Possibly the chief benefit students will gain from using headphones is the ability to concentrate on the interactive educational materials they are using on their computers, tablets or mobile devices. Using noise-canceling durable headphones will minimize potential distractions, allowing students to place all their focus on the lesson at hand.

Reduced Noise… For Everyone
Imagine the cacophony that would arise from a classroom full of students watching different educational videos about different subjects, on different learning levels. Nobody would be able to hear a thing! The use of headphones to isolate media for individual learners is essential for classroom settings so that each student can listen only the subject material that pertains to her.

Happy Teachers
Even if an entire classroom is watching the exact same tutorial or listening to the same podcast, that doesn’t necessarily mean the instructor wants to hear it. Teachers can simply instruct their students to put on their headphones and listen to the next module in a series while having peace and quiet that is necessary for completing other tasks, such as entering grades, answering emails, or preparing test questions.

Attention Retention
Using headphones to channel each student’s focus into the lesson can significantly reduce behaviors including talking to seatmates, texting/passing notes to others, or other non-school-related activities. What’s more, any student attempting to distract other students by talking will be easier to spot when the rest of the room is silent.

A busy classroom full of chatter provides an excellent foil for students to be able to share answers to quiz questions or give unwarranted assistance to fellow classmates on what was meant to be an individual activity. Eliminate the possibility of cheating by having students wear headphones that prevent them from chatting with their classmates about potential answers and other confidential information.

School classroom headphones are widely used in schools across the country for students ranging from pre-K all the way up through 12th grade. By blocking out external noise, directing students’ attention and focus to the lesson at hand, and eliminating distractions, school classroom headphones may be the solution you are looking for in your classroom.


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