Natural Bathroom Design Tiles

A tile is one essential material that should be used when doing the final touches of a bathroom. There is always a reason why it is essential. Some of them are, it is durable, reflects light, and eases cleaning of the bathroom. In addition, it freshens up space. There are many design ideas that you can choose from to install into your bathroom.

Revamping your bathroom, a tile transforms your space to look more polished without necessarily doing any major overhaul. If not properly cleaned, tiles can turn to be grimier and they will not portray a good picture. Regular maintenance is therefore essential in order to preserve the aesthetic in a fresh look and not a grungy one.

Painting tiles are quite expensive depending on the complexity of the design and the material amount. Your budget will also determine the paint to apply. Options depend on the border employed. Borders can range from minimal to maximum. For instance, ceiling and floor executions use maximum borders. Different implementations can be done through the use various materials whether multicolored mosaics or classic subways.

Thinking about the resale value when changing the bathroom appearance, white color schemes are the best and they are widely employed. The color has a higher reflecting capability and therefore appropriate for the bathroom.

Design tiles can be used to cover the four walls of your house creating a wainscoting and painting the other part with any color you may choose. Below are several bathroom design tiles ideas that you can use in your space.

Bathroom tile ideas

Border Tile

A border of tile enables you to improve your personal style greatly without even going above your budget. This means that the tiles will not drain your pockets. With a colored glass or a strip of mosaic tile along the wainscoted surface, your bathroom will look more appealing than before.

Flooring Tiles

Over the years, tile flooring is something that has been widely used in bathrooms and offers a better alternative to most hardwoods. This can, however, be warped in case they are exposed to a lot of water. Grade 1 and 2 ceramic tiles are the best to use for they have a low water absorption rate. Furthermore, they have high slip resistance and traction hence can withstand high moisture levels.


Wainscoting can be said to be a finished decorative wall covering which extends from the part ways and up the walls. Typically, it is often done on wood and in other spaces such as the dining rooms and kitchens. It can also work well in a bathroom, which also a good route to add character. If your budget allows you to incorporate tiles, you can also try tiling from the base of the house upwards. The remaining part of the wall should then be painted with either a gloss or semi-gloss paint to ease the cleaning. Tile wainscoting is potentially beneficial and it can act as a backsplash in case it runs above the sink.

Shower Tile

These tiles clearly define different zones of your room especially when they are different with those in other rooms. They have a low water absorption rating and have a good traction, which can be said to be the coefficient of friction that is either greater than or equal to 60.

All over

The budget is not a factor to everybody. For this reason, all over tiles can be the better option to merge both easy cleaning and durability in a stylish manner. Varying from patterns, colors, texture, and sizes, different materials can be used on walls and floors in your shower. Since it reflects light, a tile increases the brightness of a space.


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